The Speed to Which I am Accustomed is “Varied, With Occasional Miracles”


“So, we’re painting in the morning, right?”

It was my husband.  He was standing in the hallway, staring at the unfinished “former dining room soon to be study (FDRSTBS)” and talking to me.

“Yes, we’re painting.  Would you be willing to help me?”

“Yeah, we need to get the Christmas tree up.  I’m going to bed…see you in the morning.  ‘Nite.”

“Nite, babe.”

I looked at the FDRSTBS and thought about all the projects in my life that I’ve started, completed, and why the distance between “beginning” and “end” seem to vary so greatly. My feet were getting cold on the tile, but I took my thought sequence a bit further and tried to conjure up an example of what was rolling around in my mind about this beginning/end/distance topic.

Here’s one:   I’ve been working on three books: one I started 6.5 years ago.  Another, two years ago. And another, two years ago.  But all of them will be done within the next month.  Two of them are already completed.

So, am I currently in a “book finishing mood?”  And, will I have to be in a “room painting mood” in order to completely wipe away the traditional burgandy color from our walls for the newly selected “Illinois Clay?” (Also know as…orange).

If I were to list all the projects I have on my proverbial back burner, there would be well more than one page.  In fact, my project list feels much more like a printer queue, where sometimes I pause my work and prioritize others.  Occasionally, it’s utilitarian – the most needed project for the most needed amount of people or whatever.

Other times, and I don’t care if this sounds petty or ridiculous, it really is “just because I AM or I AM NOT” in a particular project-accomplishing mood.

But one thing is certain.  I’ve never really been much of a start-yet-not-complete gal.  The definition of “complete” and when that might be are the only things up for grabs.  And one thing is for sure: rarely, I meant truly every-so-not-hardly-often, there’s even an occasional miracle wherein “I start, I do, I complete.” I mean, in that order and one right after the other.

And wow, does that one feel incredible.

3 responses to “The Speed to Which I am Accustomed is “Varied, With Occasional Miracles”

  1. I can’t even think about how much is on the back burner anymore, some things will just have t get comfortable staying there, but there’s something so satisfying about completion, isn’t there?

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