My Little Victory Garden: The Sauce Tomato Crucible

PicsArt_1378691620801There are always the less-than-lovelies.  And, they have a purpose.

My sauce tomatoes are not sliced nor diced.  They are not stuffed with glorious salads, nor wedged and placed on top of beautiful pizzas.

My sauce tomatoes have a mission.  They are ridded of spots, bruises, overripe sections and holes bored by grasshoppers.  They are lovingly washed and quartered, then inspected before being packed into my sauté pan.

My sauce tomatoes were born for blending into spicy fresh salsas. Or, for pairing up with herbs from the garden and garlic to reduce into something beautiful.

My sauce tomatoes were made for simmering, for steaming, and for bubbling aromatically.

And tonight’s batch was extra-tangy-amazingly…saucy.


5 responses to “My Little Victory Garden: The Sauce Tomato Crucible

  1. Looks delicious! I have been doing the same thing! I currently have 4 bags full of sauce in the freezer! 4 bags of pesto too. I have to find time to pick more basil and make more before it turns to seed. I will be sad when the freezer is empty of all the fresh sauces in winter.

    • Winnie – - I have a garden full of basil that NEEDS to be turned into pesto, but I’m going to have to try my food processor. We’re without a blender right now. I made pistachio pesto, and those nuts worked as well or better than pine nuts! Good luck with any more packing…and yes, ah…the sadness of the last pouch…

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