Tonks the Blogger


Tonks is almost three years old and she’s a very loyal supporter of my writing.

When she was just a puppy, she used to sleep with her head lying on my feet while I wrote posts for the Red Dirt Chronicles.

When she was mid-range potty trained, I used to make sure I stopped what I was doing to take her outside in case research for a post got involved and took longer than I had previously planned.

These days, especially when I write short posts, she lies on the bed beside me with her head shoved up against my leg, or under my arm.

Because she’s a malamute, her heavy coat is hot.  Sometimes she drools on me.  Occasionally her breath is from the abyss.

But always, “Tonks the Blogger” is loyal and loving, patient and sweet.  She is my companion with every one of these posts, and her presence comforts me greatly.

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