Bathroom Humor

What is it about the bathroom and people’s sense of humor?

At least for the medical community, it seems to be a well that just won’t dry up.  A spigot of free-flowing humor ideas.  A virtual spring of never-ending laughs.

One day, a yet-to-be-revealed person placed a Baby Ruth bar on the floor of one of our bathrooms.  Another day during noon conference, a conversation began over the right time to offer fecal bacteriotherapy to a patient.  The jokes about eating __[insert word for feces here]___ just wouldn’t stop.

And recently?  Well, someone washed their hands and evidently missed the trash can when throwing their wadded up paper towel away.  So this sign hung on the bathroom wall for a week.


I know I work with grown-ups.  At least, they LOOK like grown-ups.  But sometimes, it feels like I’m back in Jr. High all over again.

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