Wounds of Love


I didn’t write on Friday the 13th.  The reason wasn’t a superstitious notion about that date.  I was just too tired.  So I skipped that day on a month that I had planned to write daily.

But today, I’m sitting in my favorite chair and catching up the post I missed two days ago.  I decided to go ahead and write it when a sequence of events led me to some beautiful lyrics written by a beautiful musician.

I was in our bathroom washing my hands but hadn’t turned on the light.  When you know a house well, you don’t need the lights that often.  Water, soap, rinse and I was done.  Turning to dry my hands on the towel, I noticed my eyes picked up “angel lights” from the scented wax night light I had plugged in to the wall.

For some reason my mind connected to thoughts of angels and then to Rich Mullins, a talented musician who lost his life too early.

I pulled out some of his music and played a couple of pieces on the piano.  Flipping through the book, I looked for a song I hadn’t yet played or didn’t know very well. One of his pieces called Wounds of Love caught my eye.  I read through the lyrics.  The song seemed to be written for someone about whom he cared deeply and was missing at the time.

The chorus contained a blessing of sorts:

And may the angel of His presence keep your heart.

And when your prayers give flight to your dreams

may the only scars you see on their wings

be wounds of love.

“Hm,” I thought.  “Not wounds of hate, of fear, of confusion…but IF there are scars you see on those angels watching over you, let the scars have a reason rooted in love.”

It was a good hope; a good blessing for the person he missed and wished to hold in his arms.  Angels are for guarding, for watching, for protecting.  And if God’s secret agents have battle scars, how much easier or more gently those scars would heal or be tolerated if they were born out of an act of love?

That’s my hope for you.  That the scars on your heart, manifested because of hope and prayers and action on your part, be the result of love – not hate, not fear, and not confusion.

Love scars are the best scars and only show that we were people of action, who cared about those around us.

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